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NC Scientist

Sanepatriots- well said.

NC Scientist commented on St. Stephens to allow ospreys to stay


Very nice!

Bababooey...the two most recent folks I can think of are an IT guy and someone in finance- and yes, both are Democrats (does that mean their opinions don’t count?)



1. It’s Democratic Party, not Democrat Party.

2. The Democrats of the Jim Crow era South turned into the Republican Party of today after the Civil Rights era (i.e. became people like you).

3. The statue hurts our economy...I hear comments about this from bu…

Isenhower has made it clear the board is cool

With the statue remaining on public property property. Sue the county for its removal.

Christian Taliban trying to ram their theocracy down the throat of our secular society again.

You seem nice.

How wonderful! What a great teaching resource...the Ospreys can return each year to a purpose-built nest platform, so they will no longer interfere with the lights, and students and staff can observe and learn about science firsthand- very cool.

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