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Letter: Biden to turn into a Socialist dictator? That's B.S.

Letter: Biden to turn into a Socialist dictator? That's B.S.

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How could I have missed the endorsement of Joe Biden by the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)? I heard David Duke’s ringing endorsement of Trump in 2020. He even wants Tucker Carlson to be his running mate.

Well off to the good ole “interweb” to learn about the RCP. They do exist and do not think highly of capitalism. They have been around for years but being around must be about it. They could, I guess, be a hot topic for right-wing media.

A little more searching and I found that endorsement. The big fish in this organization, Bob Avakian, took at least six pages of this “great fanfare” endorsement to make his case for why Trump, who he refers to as “a demented bully with his finger on the nuclear button” is a fascist.

Avakian usually advocates not voting as protest against our capitalistic system but given his concerns about Trump says “this election is different-in a crucially important way. The question is not whether Biden and the Democrats represent something good or are better than the Republicans. Biden is not better than Trump except that he is not Trump and is not part of the move to consolidate and enforce fascist rule, with everything that means.”

Is that an endorsement? Drawing the conclusion from that endorsement that Biden will govern as a Socialist dictator attacking all that is sacred defies logic.

J.V. Fitzsimmons’ letters are usually about politics. I have observed recently that his letters never offer support of President Trump but rather attack “Dimikrats." That could be as simple as the 400-word limit or maybe he is processing as well, the decision he asked his readers to consider.

I don’t keep a file for J.V.’s letters but quite possibly he made the same predictions about Obama and Clinton.

This election is about our health and the health of our loved ones, returning to normalcy, our jobs and trust in our president. Even if J.V.’s predictions were more than hyperbolic partisanship, “amnesty for illegals” or “a huge tax increase” will not make the deal-breaker list in this election. Joe Biden turning into a Socialist dictator is B.S.

Ruth Long

Hickory NC

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