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Letter: Wear your mask as an act of love

Letter: Wear your mask as an act of love

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Here we are, the election is over, but Covid is still with us, so what to do now? If your person lost the election, maybe you are defiantly not wearing your mask; “I’ll show'em that my president didn’t wear one (he got Covid) so out of my devotion to him, I won’t wear a mask!" Despite the fact that 130 Secret Service personnel have Covid and you know about the rest of the White House people.

Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Your mom is yelling in your ear, “If your friends jump off the bridge, does that mean it’s OK for you?” Finally the CDC has a solid mask recommendation, wear it for yourself and for the people you love.

I am a Christian, and the Bible instructs me that the second greatest commandment is “to love my neighbor as myself." That IS a mask mandate. No governor or local authority has to tell me. I am to treat people the way I want to be treated.

Oh but you say, it infringes on my freedom of choice. Yes, but it may save your life and the lives of the people you love most. Masks, as big a pain in the tush as they can be, work! By wearing a mask, I am protecting you from me, and if you wear one, you are protecting yourself and me. Sounds very biblical to me.

Covid can be mild, hardly noticed. It can be the worst “flu” you’ve ever had, or maybe you die. Another plus of mask wearing is that our flu season may be milder. But here’s the really scary part. Covid leaves many survivors with heart, lung, digestive, neurological and numerous other problems that hang on long after you think you’re over it. This is not the flu; it’s a real unknown that I want to avoid if possible.

I’m home a lot, but I don't go out without a mask. I do stay with my grandkids, with a mask. It is possible to live a somewhat normal life, if you practice the three important safety measures. You know what they are. You must be prepared to accept the death of a loved one because you decided that a mask impacted your freedom.

If you are a grandmother, you know how that feels. I love my children, but my grandkids have a lock around my heart. They don’t seem to notice that I wear a mask around them. They just know that I love them with all my heart. I can “hopefully” be with them if I wear my well-fitting mask and compulsively wash my hands. It’s a calculated risk I am willing to take.

My mother was my hero. She’s been gone a long time, but this I know, without a doubt. I would have done anything, anything, to protect her from this virus. Wear your mask as an act of love. It’s the least we can do.

Judy Pruitt

Hickory NC

This letter to the editor can be found on page A4 in today's print edition.

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