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Born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania, Paige Spara currently lives in Vancouver, where she films the ABC medical series “The Good Doctor.” Her character, Lea Dilallo, is the head of a hospital’s Information Technology department and is married to Shaun Murphy – an autistic doctor played by Freddie Highmore. “She’s the kind of person who strives to do good in the world and be there for the people she loves,” said Spara, 33. “Lea would make an excellent travel partner, if you enjoy impulsive adventures and are down to do anything and everything in a day. I’d travel with her.”

Sure, flying first class sounds nice. But the reality is some of my favorite vacations are when we travel as a family. Earning enough rewards for front-of-the-plane tickets for a party of four is exponentially more challenging than for a solo traveler. I’ve found far more utility in using our credit card rewards to take […]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was in a meeting with the executives of an airline in some financial difficulty. At one point, after listening to some half-baked suggestions, the CEO wailed, "We can fool airports all the time, fool the CAB most of the time, and fool the IRS some of the time, but for God's sake let's not fool ourselves."

“(In)  2021, I lived in the single most locked down city in the world – Melbourne, Australia,” said Natalie Zea, who stars in the NBC series “La Brea.” “Not only were we not able to legally travel outside the city limits, but we were restricted to being in our homes for all but two hours a day. That experience made myself and my family even more determined to see as much of Australia as we could once the lockdown lifted. This time around, we’ve made sure to take advantage of long weekends and plan short road trips in and around Victoria or even the occasional day trip.” Zea splits her time between Melbourne and Los Angeles.

In my early 20s, I worked as a nanny for a Swiss billionaire, caring for his four children, seven dogs and 14 homes. For five years I was entrusted with those little kinder as if they were my own, so much that one day the parents said, “We thought perhaps this summer you could travel alone with the children. Where would you like to go?”

The friendly, English-speaking bus driver on the Greek island of Patmos points us toward a local beach taverna where we eat with our toes in the sand.

As suppressed demand surges, fall travel this year is likely to near — or even exceed — pre-pandemic levels. One of the results of high demand is that deals will be harder than ever to find. I'll do the best I can to point out some of your best bets, but don't expect to find any "secret" miracle pricing tools.

More than 40 years into their career, The Smithereens are revving up for the Sept. 23 release of “The Lost Album” – a collection of songs they recorded in 1993 when they were in between record labels, but never shared with their fans. “(They were) truly forgotten, but were recently discovered because we are archiving all of our past recordings,” said guitarist Jim Babjak, 64, who resides in New Jersey. “It is important (to release them now) because it shows a snapshot of our progression as a band. There may be more tapes to be released in the future.” For tour dates, check out the band's website at

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(Broadry) — With the dog days of summer winding down and autumn in the air, there’s still time to take advantage of the warm weather and hit the road for an adventure with your pet. Every pet owner knows that when you can bring your four-legged friends along, your trip is bound to be even […]

When should you depart for holiday travel? According to Expedia, travelers may want to consider avoiding the busiest holiday travel days — like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Thursday and Friday before Christmas. If they do, not only will they likely reduce wait times at the airport — but may save an average of […]

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For years, most airlines imposed stiff penalties for customers who wanted to change or cancel existing flight reservations. Because of this, travelers were essentially locked into the price they paid for a ticket, regardless of how airfare fluctuated afterward. Anyone who paid a premium to lock in a trip would later be left frustrated about […]

I've reluctantly concluded that Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation (DoT) is more interested in appearing to solve consumers' airline problems than in actually solving them. I cite the Department's latest two well-hyped announcements:

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