Trump's draining the swamp and the ruling class is worried

Trump's draining the swamp and the ruling class is worried

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Let's cut through the noise. What are Russiagate, the Mueller investigation, Ukrainegate and impeachment frenzy all really about? It's silencing the American people by destroying the duly elected President of the US. But we the people have spoken and the ruling class is in a panic.

For the past three years Trump has been exposing the corruption of nearly all "establishment" politicians (yes, Republicans too,) the vast faceless unelected bureaucrat class (aka the "deep state‚ÄĚ), the media and our education system's leftist propaganda machine. To these entities the world is all about two things: their wealth and power, and Trump threaten their dominion over both.

When Trump promised to "drain the swamp" the people resoundingly embraced him. But the ruling class knew instantly its grip on power was the target. Only the most ignorant deny the corruption and pay-to-play system that runs Washington. Lobbyists, foreign governments, big donors and the powerful at the top of our intelligence and law enforcement bureaus call the shots by buying off or threatening our politicians who go to Washington promising the moon, achieving nothing and coming home multi-millionaires. How does that happen? Just ask Bill and Hillary, and Joe and Hunter Biden, the poster children for pay-to-play.

Sadly most politicians, especially those on the left, care nothing about the American people. If they did they would do something about our broken immigration system, infrastructure, health care, the exploding national debt, saving Social Security and Medicare, fighting homelessness, opioid addiction and rising drug prices. What about trade deals, the shrinking middle class, rising suicide rates, our failing public school system, the China threat, election fraud, and last but certainly not least, the assault on our Constitutional rights, especially the first and second amendments?

If our "leaders" really cared about the people they would focus on real issues rather than spending all their time and our money trying to destroy Trump and his attempt to drain the swamp. Their real goal is to amass more power and perpetuate their financial gravy train. Love him or hate him, Trump is the one person standing up for the people despite the massive swamp dwelling headwinds. Sad but true.

Mac McCall


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