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Letter: What more could our YMCA do?

Letter: What more could our YMCA do?

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What more could our YMCA do?

Most times when I walk through our YMCAs, I catch myself critiquing — the furniture is old, the trash is overflowing, or the coffee pots are empty. But then I see the HUG!

It can be a hug of two active older adults reconnecting; two best friends at the end of an exercise class wishing each other a great day, a member and a staff person comforting each other over a life event. It can be the hug of parent and child when picking up from our child development centers, which as parent of a 3-year-old, is my new favorite!

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We take great pride in welcoming ALL people and how we embrace each other — no matter what we are overcoming.

Hugs are much less frequent these days as the pandemic changes the ways we embrace each other. However, we are committed to finding ways to make our challenges become new opportunities. You expect our YMCA to offer creative ways to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all; and to do this while keeping everyone safe. Our services are pivotal to those who may struggle with mental health, social isolation, and physical well-being. And we are committed to this mission.

As I reflect into the future, I believe health equity as a significant opportunity. The YMCA is committed to doing our part to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to be healthy. Yet, we will have to do more. Whether it is raising funds to help individuals understand how to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, connecting ALL residents to live healthy lifestyle changes, or helping new generations overcome their fear of water in hopes they connect to a new family, we are committed to providing programs for all of our neighbors.

We ask you to play an important role — to help us set the table! Who do you know who needs to feel our embrace? With whom might we partner to enrich our community? What more could our YMCA do? I would love to hear from you.

Nat Auten

President & CEO


Catawba Valley

Thank you Tomberlin for touching our hearts

Regarding the article recently by Brent Tomberlin a social studies teacher at South Caldwell High School:

During this time of social distancing because of the dreaded virus pandemic his article could not have been more timely. After this is over I pray that everyone will keep in mind to do your part to see that the “new normal” is inward. That we can make this world a better place than it was.

Thank you, Brent, for touching our hearts!

Joyce Hilmer


Numbers don’t lie; economic despair brought on by virus is not worth it

I looked up population of N.C. recently and came up with 10.5 million. I then looked up number of N.C. Covid cases and it was at 20,000. What percent of 10.5 million is 20,000? I WILL TELL YOU IT IS .19 PERCENT. So less than 1 percent of N.C. contracted COVID-19.

What are we doing? I will tell you that we are destroying our small businesses and putting many out of business for good. Thanks to the hysteria brought on by the media and fear of being part of that .19 percent we all bought up ALL of the toilet paper, paper towels and closed meat processors so that we can pay $8 a pound for CUBE STEAK if you can find it.

That .19 percent of N.C. Covid cases isn’t the number that died, just the number that have tested positive. The deaths of 691 in N.C. for Covid out of 10.5 million turns out to be .01 percent. It’s time to reopen everything and quit believing everything you hear on the news.

Wash your hands, do not touch your face, and wear a mask if you must but it’s time to GO BACK TO WORK and try to bring us out of this mass hysteria. It’s time to start making everything we can in the U.S. and quit depending on China for everything. Call me an isolationist for this opinion, that’s fine

As everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the numbers don’t lie, is all this economic despair brought on by COVID worth it with the infection rate at .19 percent and the death rate .01 percent. MY OPINION IS NO! Apparently ROY COOPER thinks otherwise. China IS the enemy and they are THE CAUSE of this virus. Buy U.S. goods.

Phillip Sipe


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