Letter: Watching president thumb his nose at fundamentals of democracy keeps me up at night

Letter: Watching president thumb his nose at fundamentals of democracy keeps me up at night

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Watching president thumb his nose at fundamentals of democracy keeps me up at night

Right now, we all have a lot that keeps us awake at night. We are concerned about our health and that of our loved ones. Unless retired we are concerned about our jobs and the loss of health insurance. Those on the front lines carry the greatest burden. I cannot believe as we endure social distancing, quarantines, business closure, etc. that people are stressing over socialism, communism, and totalitarianism.

After reading Mac McCall’s letter one would think people have never had to make sacrifices for their country, their well-being and the well-being of their fellow citizens. Quarantines have been practiced when needed since the middle ages. Cities closed businesses and mass gatherings during the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918.

If we are reading letters to the editor, we are educated enough to discern the difference between actions required for dealing with a pandemic and a political agenda for totalitarianism.

Mr. McCall paints with a broad brush. He paints everyone on the left as elitist. What would he call the membership of Mar-a-Lago? What would he call the right-wing philosophy of keeping wealth concentrated in the hands of the few with necessary crumbs trickling down to masses?

Mac talks fear mongering while he spreads unfounded fear that government efforts to contain this virus is a precursor to communism. For Pete’s sake, we drive on government roads and bridges, we attend public schools, we enjoy Social Security and Medicare, when crisis strikes the first person we turn to is Uncle Sam, so no, socialism/communism is not keeping me awake.

Prior to current events, I will admit to lying awake at times pondering the totalitarian tendencies of our president. I admit to anxiety as I watched him thumb his nose at the fundamentals of our democracy: freedom of the press, an independent justice department, and the balance of power as outlined in our Constitution.

As to doing as I say, not as I do, how does Mr. McCall view the president’s requirement that those around him wear masks while vanity prevents him from so doing.

I share Mr. McCall’s vigilance over our personal freedoms but respectfully, he is missing the forest for the trees.

James Long

Hickory NC

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