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Letter: Three strikes, you're out, maybe

Letter: Three strikes, you're out, maybe

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At the end of the baseball game, the home team lost by one run — a single lousy run. The fans of the home team were distraught.

Wait, what’s this? The umpires have huddled around home plate for a conference. After five minutes and with much whispering and flailing of arms, the umpires call the two team managers over for an explanation. The winning coach removes his hat and throws it in the dirt. He swings his foot to kick dirt on the umpires shoe. His face is beet red from yelling before he leaves the field.

It seems that the umpires didn’t like the loss by the home team so they discussed the rules. There was one particular rule that they disliked intensely. The rule stated that the first two foul balls hit by a batter would be called strikes, but all subsequent foul balls would be counted as a tie — neither a ball or a strike. What made the first two fouls strikes when the others didn’t matter?

The last batter for the home team hit the first two pitches into foul territory for two strikes. The batter then swung and missed the third pitch for strike three, and the game was over, leaving the bases loaded with runners. If those first two foul balls were not strikes, but were a tie — neither a ball or a strike — maybe, just maybe he would have gotten a hit or perhaps a walk, thus scoring at least one run. Then the best batter for the home team would come to bat and he surely would have won the game.

In North Carolina, the election laws state that if a ballot is not filled out completely, or if the ballot is missing the voters signature, the ballot is discarded and not counted. But, wait. What’s this? The Democrats have huddled around home plate and have decided to allow these discarded ballots to “Be Healed.” They and the volunteers they have requested will heal these discarded ballots and possibly change the outcome of the election. I’m not saying that this is cheating, but as Andy Griffith would have said, “Curious, curious.”

Tom Allen

Hickory, NC

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