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Letter: Taking down monuments does not change history

Letter: Taking down monuments does not change history

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In his monthly fearmongering J.V. Fitzsimmons claims that BLM is trying to change history. I find this strange since I recall Mr. Fitzsimmons trying to rewrite history by claiming the Civil War was not fought because the South wanted to continue slavery, which, of course, it was as any former teacher should know. If I remember correctly his claim was that poor white men would not fight to help the rich plantation owners get richer. You know, like all those poor white men who voted for Trump and have even threatened another Civil War if he was impeached.

J.V. understands that it is wrong to blame all policemen for the actions of a few, yet he blames all of Black Lives Matter for the actions of a few. He claims, with no facts to support it (a typical tactic of the Trump cult), that "the aim of the destruction by BLM, ANTIFA, and the brainwashed millennials in the streets is not mourning George Floyd, it is the destruction of the United States of America, nothing less." We do not know who the agitators were and it would not surprise anyone outside of the Trump cult if it turns out they were hired by Trump supporters.

For the record, no one is trying to change history. But since the Trump cult does not deal in facts they cannot understand that history is factual accounts of what actually happened in the past. The taking down of monuments or changing the name of military bases of those who fought against the United States does not change history.

What would J.V. have us do next, put up a statue of Osama bin Laden at the WTC, or statues of Hitler near synagogues? After all, there are Muslims who are U.S. citizens and I am sure there are some German Americans who have Nazi ancestors. If we built a new high school in Hickory would J.V. want us to call it Benedict Arnold high school home of the fighting traitors?

No other country puts up monuments or names military bases after those who declared war on them. The United States should be no different.

Chester Wronski

Hickory NC

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