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Letter: If you make a deal with Trump, you lose

Letter: If you make a deal with Trump, you lose

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“If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.” Well not all dogs, just the ones with fleas.

“Be wary of the company you keep for they are a reflection of whom you are or who you want to be.”

These are quotes so fitting to Donald Trump and his associates in corruption. Steve Bannon is the latest to be indicted on charges that he misused GoFundMe monies raised to privately build the wall on the southern border.

Trump has quite the record himself with Trump University and his foundation shut down by New York state for self-dealing. He has more holes to plug in his dike than he has fingers and toes. If there were a positive story to tell, we would have Trump’s tax returns from four years ago.

Release of a secret tape just revealed that Trump’s sister does not think much of her brother’s fitness to be president. Add her to the list including his niece, his fixer Cohen, Tony Schwartz his ghostwriter, and John Bolton.

Conventional wisdom says the Trump base does not care. Maybe Trump was right that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and they would not care.

Talking smack about Democrats, the “deep state,” immigrants, and the media, appears to be enough for them to turn a blind eye to the threats he poses to our republic, Social Security, Medicare and the fiscal security of the nation.

Trump demands blind loyalty but offers nothing in return but divisive rhetoric, tax cuts, and conservative judges which a Republican robot would have done. He did drive economic growth for three years that began under Obama but drove it off a cliff trying to avoid his first pothole, COVID-19.

Deals made with the devil always favor the devil. Just ask Tommy Johnson in "O Brother, Where Art Thou." Deals made with Donald Trump have for his entire career resulted in lost wages to those who worked for him, lost revenue for suppliers who provided him goods and services, lost money to those foolish enough to loan him money and jail time, attorney fees, and lost reputations for many foolish enough to associate with him.

“A word to the wise is enough.“

Ellen Parsons

Hickory NC

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