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Watch Now: Hickory man who attended Trump speech in D.C. disputes media account

Watch Now: Hickory man who attended Trump speech in D.C. disputes media account

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I went to the Trump rally In Washington with about 80 other adults from Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina We went up Monday morning and came back Thursday morning. We arrived at the rally on Wednesday at 6 a.m. and left at 5 p.m. The line to get in the arena to be closest to the stage was 3 miles long (about 3-4 abreast) so we elected to go find a spot on high ground under the Washington Monument. There were about 1 million peopleĀ attending ... the media won't show an aerial view. Everyone was friendly, courteous, and excited to see the president. It was the largest crowd I ever seen in my life. It was a typical Trump Rally. No fighting or arguing, something akin to a love fest.

Two things stood out to our group: There were no police on site (not when we unloaded, not during the rally). The first police we saw were Capitol Police on Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington's city police were a different story ... The other thing that stood out to many of us was the number of Vietnamese and Chinese flying the South Vietnamese flags and Hong Kong flag. There were thousands of them there. One old lady was carrying a poster about "Stop Communism!" I went up to her and said, "Thank you for coming!" She said, "I no speak English." I nodded my head, smiled and gave her a thumbs up! She smiled with her eyes.

Because of the number of people attending, it took forever for all of us to get to the Capitol. There was no one damaging property or even littering. Bands played on the side streets in a party atmosphere. There was one large stage with a gay band playing and asking everyone to come to their bar that night ... people dancing having a blast. The Capitol was covered with people singing and waving flags. They hung flags everywhere they could. NOT once did I see any sign of conflict especially with police. There was no burning or looting by the 100s of thousands who walked from the rally to the capital. In fact I talked to about five officers and most were very friendly (except Washington city police who were sarcastic and not helpful).

The city told us they shut down the Metro so we couldn't travel. They said they shut down bridges entering the city which were both not true. Then the mayor announced a curfew at 3 p.m. for 6 p.m.; which gave everyone three hours to leave. (They should have done that in Washington when rioters were burning the city and looting!)

In my opinion, the broadcast media has been terribly partisan in its reporting of the rally. They show no pictures of the rally or the million participants who were there. They have failed to give basic facts like the timeline when the events occurred. They have not reported who the speakers were at the rally. While I am reluctant to criticize the HDR, it appears that all the AP articles run by the paper are equally slanted and written by reporters who were not at the event. The articles imply they were there when they were not.

Jack Crawford

Hickory NC

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