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Letter: Wuhan China Coronavirus is totally appropriate title

Letter: Wuhan China Coronavirus is totally appropriate title

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David Dreyer, in his letter published on July 9, 2021, asserts "Historical Precedence Does Not Make 'China Virus' an Appropriate Title." What does make "China Virus" an appropriate title is the undisputed fact that the deadly virus originated in the city of Wuhan, China. There is still some debate about exactly where in Wuhan the virus came from — a "wet market" or a Chinese government (i.e. Chinese Communist Party "CCP") run virus research laboratory. Either way, the COVID-19 virus came from Wuhan, China, thus dubbing it the Wuhan China Coronavirus is totally appropriate. The history or origin of other pandemic diseases is immaterial.

As far as how and where the Wuhan China Coronavirus got to the U.S., the virus first appeared in significant numbers on the West Coast of the U.S., namely Washington State and California, not in New York as Mr. Dreyer asserts.

The CCP stopped domestic travel from Wuhan to other portions of China, yet allowed international flights to depart from Wuhan, many to destinations in Europe. This is why Wuhan China Coronavirus cases on the East Coast in general and in New York in particular were eventually heavily impacted by travel from Europe — the destination for most flights from Europe. The Wuhan China Coronavirus got to European cities from Wuhan China first and spread to the East Coast of the U.S. from there.

Contrary to Mr. Dreyer's assertion, recent data indicates the hydroxychloroquine/zinc/azthromycin "cocktail" was and is effective in lessening the severity of the Wuhan China Coronavirus disease in many patients — reducing the time patients spend in the hospital, the number of admissions to the ICU, and the need to intubate patients. As far as Mr. Dreyer's comments regarding the Wuhan China Coronavirus Task Force, President Trump delegated that task force to Vice President Mike Pence, who by all accounts, did an exemplary job. Can anyone imagine Vice President Kamala Harris running such an effort? She has been assigned by President Biden to fix the border crisis and has done nothing whatsoever to solve that problem.

Regarding the attacks on Asian Americans in recent times, the available data seems to indicate these have been perpetrated by other minorities, not by "Trump supporters." And not because these actors are angry about the Wuhan China Coronavirus but because they are envious of the general economic success of Asian Americans in our society. This same phenomenon accounts for some of the anti-Semitism in American society today.

Francis White



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