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Letter: Writer is poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome

Letter: Writer is poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Chester Wronski ("Trump Has Profited From His Time As President") is the poster boy for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hey, Chester, the man doesn't even take his $400,000/year salary, but you claim he has lied at least 30,000 times. Wow! You were busy counting fingers and toes.

You blame him for killing 200,000 Americans by mismanaging the COVID virus, but you, like Joe Biden, offer no proof or alternatives. At least Trump has not sent COVID-infected patients into rest homes to kill the most vulnerable members of the population as three Dimikrat governors did.

Mr. Wronski urged that we vote for Dimikratz (sic), presumably so the economy will benefit from the higher taxes, the shut down of fracking and the oil industry, and implementation of the Green New Deal that they promise. Then they will pack the Supreme Court with radical leftists who will legislate their agenda from the bench facilitating statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico, giving the Dimikratz absolute control. If Portland, Seattle, and Chicago are an indication of life under Dimikrat control, Antifa and BLM thugs will enforce the will of left-wing leaders and you won't be able to defend your family or property because the Second Amendment will have been abrogated by some unconstitutional executive order or a packed Supreme Court.

Follow Mr. Wronski's counsel to vote for Dimikrtz and watch America, its Constitution, and its culture disappear. It's that important to vote for Trump and ALL Republicans.

J. V. Fitzsimmons

Hickory NC

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