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Letter: Why did I vote for Biden? To end the chaos, corruption

Letter: Why did I vote for Biden? To end the chaos, corruption

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In response to the gentleman who can’t understand why people voted for Biden, it wasn’t because we thought he would make the virus go away. That was Trump’s promise. It wasn’t another stimulus check since Trump had already given us two and was pushing for a $2,000 check right up until he left office.

The rich and big business got lots of free stuff under Trump, but it didn’t trickle down. We had many reasons for voting for Biden, most of which had nothing to do with mainstream media. It was based on the need for change from the chaos and corruption on display for all to see for the last four years.

If you don’t trust mainstream media there are places to find the real data on job creation, deficits, and debt that don’t involve any media. The information is there that proves Democratic administrations since Truman have far surpassed those of Republican administrations in job creation and managing debts and deficits. The information is there that clearly shows the deficit went from about $600 billion a year under Obama to almost a $1 trillion under Trump and this does not include the effects of the virus on the economy and the two stimulus bills.

Folks who advise others to wake would be better served by being sure they themselves are awake.

Ruth Long


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