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Letter: What If Trump’s insurrection had succeeded?

Letter: What If Trump’s insurrection had succeeded?

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I was recently driving past a huge United States flag at a car dealership as it fully unfurled in the strong wind. I consider myself above average patriotic but I’m not a big “rah rah” type of guy. Even with that, I choked up a little bit. It was beautiful. It reinforced my belief that we, as citizens of the United States, are one of the luckiest and most fortunate groups of people on the planet.

With that thought bouncing around in my head, my mind went to the “what ifs?” What if Trump’s coup d’état had succeeded? What if the mob had broken through and captured Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, among many others? They were prepared to do just that. How many would have died? Sadly and realistically, all that was needed for their success was just a little bit more organization. It could have easily happened. Those thoughts frightened and then angered me.

Is this what Republicans wanted?

Where would we be nearly four months later? Would the economy have fully cratered yet? Would the military have intervened … and for which side? Are we in the middle of a brutal, bloody civil war where we are killing friends, neighbors and family because they have opposite political beliefs? (Rwanda 1994). Are other countries even talking to us or taking sides? Are we working? Going to school? Going shopping? Doubtful. Gas, food, water…all commandeered by bandits or the “regime."

Is this what the right wanted?

Are armed bands of Confederates roaming the countryside stopping, questioning and shooting anyone who doesn’t comply? Does lawlessness rule? The self-appointed president governs by force.

He’s unleashed the monster of violence in all of the insurrectionists and he can’t control them. He mandates curfews, a ban on mainstream media and outlaws the Democrat Party.

Will kangaroo courts and trials start soon … followed by public executions? There will be carnage, chaos and bloodshed. Meanwhile, two superpowers wait in the wings for this scenario to play out.

Is this what the insurrectionist terrorists envisioned?

Too farfetched? Too “Hollywood?" I certainly hope so but it nearly happened. It really almost happened. Thankfully, the military and those in actual power and real law-abiding Republicans followed the rules of law and the Constitution and the electorate and supported the president-elect. The outlaw criminal domestic terrorist insurrectionists failed. I look forward to their trials and maximum sentencing.

Thankfully, democracy prevailed.

I don’t want to read about stolen elections or any of that nonsense. None of it has any merit and anyone who says otherwise knows better. The country is in a position to thrive again. Let it happen. Let’s get over COVID, pass useful legislation, rebuild our infrastructure, get our respect back from the world and be a global example to everyone.

Meanwhile, when I see that gigantic flag unfurl in the breeze, I’m reminded again of how lucky I am.

I am very proud to be a citizen of the United States of America and will do anything to defend our democracy.

Let’s not mess this up.

Allan Hodges



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