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Letter: What has President Trump done wrong? Read on

Letter: What has President Trump done wrong? Read on

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Last week I saw some Letters to the Editor praising our current president, a real bully-in-chief.

(If you support that guy, your time would be better spent reading the classifieds, weather or comics.)

I offer a different perspective.

He hires "the best" people. That's laughable. Look at the turnover rate, the guilty pleas, the indictments. Look at the number of his rich, white supporters hired. Do you think those people care about Hickory, N.C.?

How about the statement that he fights for "liberty"? Does that mean liberty for all? Does he want "liberty and justice for all", including LGBTQ community? They are Americans, too.

A question was raised about what our current president has done wrong managing the pandemic. (The 400-word limit makes this difficult.)

His words: on January 22nd, "we have it totally under control". On February 2nd, "we pretty much shut it down".

On February 26th, "we have it so well under control. We really have done a very good job".

The U.S. and South Korea both reported their first case of COVID-19 on the same day in January. Look it up. See the comparisons (per capita) of hospitalizations and deaths in both countries. Hint: you won't find this on Fox News.

He has surrounded himself with people who, like himself, want to discredit the scientific and medical communities. He knows more than they do; after all, he is a self-proclaimed "very stable genius".

And this... he has fired yet another prominent District Attorney who was investigating some of the president's associates. In fact, in the past two months, he has fired four different Inspector Generals. To compare, President Obama fired one during his eight years in office.

Why fire them? My guess is because they were actually doing their jobs...investigating.

Wait, naysayers, "witch hunt" you declare! Not even close.

Witch hunt is when Congress spent more time investigating Benghazi than it did 9/11. Again, look it up.

Hillary Clinton was investigated during ten separate investigations, six run by Republicans. None ever uncovered any cover-up or lying. That's a witch hunt.

Oh, yes, the private server stuff. That's bad.

But did you see the news this week that Ivanka Trump used her private server for official government business?

You likely didn't if you're glued to Fox News.

Robert Kapellusch

Newton, NC

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