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Letter: Welcome to stupidville where bozos breathe on buffets

Letter: Welcome to stupidville where bozos breathe on buffets

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Thanks Sheriff Brown for helping to open the door to stupidville here in our county.

Why didn't you open your statement with "for your and others safety, masks are highly recommended and should be worn in public," instead of a small mention at the end of your statement. Just a chance for you to jump on Dan Forrest's lap so you might catch a crumb later on, I guess.

Now, concerning stupidville; was just at Jin's Buffet in Conover, where an idiot was visiting the buffet without a mask. But because our sheriff doesn't support public safety, the young girl at the front counter was afraid to tell the bozo to get out. I told her that before I'd eat at the area he was breathing on, that they'd have to change out the food. It would be the same as some idiot letting their dog sniff the food.

Yes, people have the right to not conform with regulations, but even you should see the implications of you literally telling people "have at it, don’t worry about others," we'll look the other way. Knowing what it would cost Jin's to dump all the food, I left to eat elsewhere. But what would a health inspector have done about possibly contaminated food being served to unsuspecting patrons? Welcome to stupidville.

John Travis

Claremont NC

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