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Letter: Unfair to blame president for what rowdy supporters may have done

Letter: Unfair to blame president for what rowdy supporters may have done

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Back last summer, when many cities were burning in what was referred to as "mostly peaceful protests," I don't recall a single Democratic politician condemning any of the looting, burning and violence, or being asked to. Everyone understood who's side they were on, and when the whole "defund the police" and Black Lives Matter idea gained some political traction, it was seen pretty clearly that the main push behind the protests was the perceived unfairness of the police relationship with predominately inner city Blacks.

I recall several Democratic politicians actively encouraging a more confrontational approach, suggesting followers confront Republicans in public harassment settings, like out for dinner, and that idea was met with silence from not only Democratic leaders but the media, as well. Doxing became a new word I'd never heard before, to describe the publicizing of a Republicans home address, which led to pretty threatening harassment of the poor guy's wife and children while he was away, which by the way continues to this day. Still silence from the Democratic leaders and press.

Trump's been holding rallies for years, and folks we know who've gone describe them as wonderful affairs with everyone in attendance in an upbeat, cheerful mood. There are literally millions of his supporters that find it strains credulity to believe Joe Biden got 80 million votes, and that the only place his popularity seemed to be in evidence is in the five or six swing states that miraculously won him the election.

It's not helped that the Republicans have had zero opportunity to look at the ballots, or the machines that counted them. This last rally in D.C. was, as usual, a very peaceful event, even during the walk over to the Capital to apply pressure on the politicians voting on the very issue. Did some go a little too far? Probably, though the police did open the doors and let them in, and even posed for some selfies with the protesters. There were some broken windows. No fires, no looting, and one poor Army vet shot and killed, though she was not being violent or combative.

All Republicans, including our president, came out with statements condemning the Capitol intrusion. Flags are now at half staff in honor of a policeman who died as a result of injuries sustained during the afternoon of chaos. Now Democrats and the media are attempting to silence anyone who believes our elections need to be fair or believe its unfair to blame a president over what some of his more rowdy supporters may have done.

Free speech is taking a beating these days, and speaking personally I'm a good deal more concerned about that, than trying to remove a wildly popular president less than two weeks from the end of his term.

Michael Curry

Vale NC

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