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Letter: Trump would rather rely on his gut than conclusions of meticulous scientists

Letter: Trump would rather rely on his gut than conclusions of meticulous scientists

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Exchanges during the recent vice-presidential debate have prompted me to write about the following observations. I've noticed that on the issue of climate change the Trump administration is essentially handling it the same way as the Covid crisis.

Specifically, denial of the well-established scientific facts and blocking the truth from Americans by changing EPA and other websites. In addition, muzzling scientists, isolating America from cooperation with other countries, and Mr. Trump’s delusional belief that he can somehow intuit facts more accurate than the conclusions established from scientists performing hundreds of thousands of hours of meticulous measurements and research around the globe.

These measurements include satellite network information, ocean temperature data from networks of buoys collecting measurements round the globe, atmospheric measurements, soil and ice core measurements. Interpreted using basic principles of chemistry and physics these measurements point unambiguously to our consumption of fossil fuel as the reason for the rapid and damaging climate disruption we are experiencing.

It is my hope that in the next presidential debate former Vice President Joe Biden will use established facts from climate science to draw a clear parallel between Trump's mismanagement of the Covid crisis by ignoring scientific input and his mismanagement of issues affecting the climate of our planet, which is also sick and in crisis.

Americans deserve to know the truth about climate changes, to understand the gravity of what's really happening and the rate that it's happening, and to be encouraged to get on board with transitions to help solve the problems. And just like the spread of Covid, the changes in our earth's climate are not a linear process, they are an accelerating process and delays in dealing with it could be catastrophic for future generations.

I would like to acknowledge astrophysicist Dr. Ray Weymann, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, for speaking out about the facts of climate change and making accurate, reliable information on climate change available through his website

Fred R. McKinney

Hickory NC

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