Letter: Trump is best US president ever

Letter: Trump is best US president ever

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I read the Ellen Parsons letter. I suppose you printed it just to let people see how crazy it was?

First do you actually realize what China did? They either created this virus and intentionally let it out or they were working on the virus to later intentionally let it out!

Next you talk about Trumps lies? At least Trump has jumped into the job and got things done. He has made your life better as well as millions of other people. He got this country back on its feet. The democrats like Hilleary and Obama and Biden did nothing but cheat and steal and make their money on the backs of all of us. Try and explain how Biden got so rich, Maybe his intellect? Shrewd business mind? Hard work? He got it the same way Clintons and Obama’s got it. Graft, and selling our country to China and Iran and anyone else that paid them.

Ask yourself if you had to load a plane with millions of dollars? Don’t tell anyone, at night, in cash, and fly it off into some far away desert. How much did you keep for yourself? This country was on its way to the can before Trump got elected. Did you not notice? Empty buildings, nobody working, nobody building.

Where were you Ellen Parsons? People like you don’t really get it. You have probably been handed everything in your life, or rode someone else’s back to get what you have. That’s what the Bidens have done. That’s what the Clintons have done, That’s what all those idiot congressmen have done. They can’t stand a man who actually worked for his money. They definitely can’t stand the truth. When they look in the mirror what do you think they see? Schumer sees the top of his head, Nancy sees her hairline, oh, no that’s her eyebrows, Shift sees his next lies, Biden? He sees Gregory Peck or John Wayne. Do you really want those people over Trump? You should thank God every day that you have a man that would and does walk through Hell to try and help this country! You try and belittle this man who has helped more people than any president in history. In just 3 & ½ years. He is absolutely the best president this country has ever had. Thank God for him Ellen Parsons, and pray that he wins again. Or would you rather trot out and get on your knees and burn our FLAG! (TRUMP 2020)

Larry Allen

Newton, NC

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