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Letter: Trump cult changes subject when confronted with his lies

Letter: Trump cult changes subject when confronted with his lies

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Larry Allen's letter is a prime example of how the Trump cult operates.

He starts by claiming Ellen Parsons' letter is crazy but like all members of the cult he fails to provide a single fact to refute anything Ms. Parsons wrote. He then provides a cult conspiracy theory, again with zero facts to support it.

In the next paragraph his uses a favorite tactic of the cult, he changes the subject when faced with the fact that Trump lies. In this case he claims that Trump has made our lives better. Has he made the lives better for the loved ones of those who died as a result of Trump's incompetence in handling the pandemic? Has he made it better for the farmers who lost business due to his failed trade war? Is your life better today than it was three years ago? And perhaps Larry can explain how even if what he claims was true how does it change the fact that Trump lies and lies often?

Larry claims the country was "on its way to the can before Trump..." No, Larry, that was President Obama. Larry like all members of the cult could not name a single thing Trump did to help the flourishing Obama economy, other than to take credit for it. Other than a tax cut for the rich that he got passed with the lie that it was a middle-class tax cut, though a Republican-led Congress (hardly a difficult task), can you name a single thing Trump did to improve the economy before he pushed it into the can and closed the lid?

Larry then resorts to a personal attack claiming Ms. Parsons must have been handed everything in her life or rode on someone else's back. Then he claims that she could not stand who "actually worked for his money."

Really Larry, don't you see the irony? FYI Trump was bailed out of business failures by his daddy who also left him millions when he died. Millions that Trump squandered and was then bailed out by claiming bankruptcy multiple times. In other words he was bail out by taxpayers and consumers. He got rich cheating people and using illegal immigrant labor. He never worked a day in his life.

But sadly the Trump cult believes what Larry believes, proving once again what I have said many times that to the Trump cult lies are facts and the truth is liberal propaganda.

Chester Wronski

Hickory NC

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