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Letter: There is no white supremacist problem in this country

Letter: There is no white supremacist problem in this country

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I find it oddly strange that all the marching in the streets, burning down of businesses of which many of them are Black-owned, taking over of cities by the real insurrectionists with guns and violence, demanding the defunding of our police protections as the police departments are being burned down along with other government buildings, we are told we have a white supremacist problem in this country. Yet all the violence that is going on in this country is clearly coming from the race-baiting left.

Folks, there is no white supremacist problem in this country. This is a Barack Obama lie that he inserted into his Hope and Radical Change agenda and newly rejected, illegitimate Joe is continuing the agenda to rebuild this country from the ground up using this lie.

Democrats and rich white liberals run this country. Through decades of brow beating and lies they have hijacked our educational systems, sports teams, corporations, banks, and our media. They have indoctrinated our children with ignorance like CRT and the 1619 project. They use big tech, Hollywood and their media to push these lies. This is a cover up for all the failures Democrat policies have done to Black communities across this country for decades. They have destroyed many Black neighborhoods and their school systems. They fought against school choice to keep teachers unions in control of their indoctrination and poor education.

These strawmen Democrats use to take the attention off their decades of failures to provide the promises to the black communities for their vote has come to light. President DJT showed America what it can be when you put the people first and not this tyrannical, big government control Democrats want in place In just a short time these buffoons have destroyed everything DJT did to lift this country out from under their control. Once again the swamp has drug this country back down to where our economy is lackluster and our friends are enemies and our enemies are now our friends. The American taxpayer is on the hook for all the globalist demands and we are nuking up another terrorist country. Welcome back Barack.

Eugene Reid



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