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Letter: The left, big tech, media truly responsible for crowd at Capitol

Letter: The left, big tech, media truly responsible for crowd at Capitol

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If you think most people know the truth, then they are only watching and listening to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS ' Big Tech, and media's narrative of what they want you to see and hear. You have not searched for the truth and listened to both sides. They have an agenda and you fell for it as do many other Americans. That is their goal for Americans to take their word for the truth! They lie by commission and omission daily!

You accused me of being in the "Trump Cult." I would be in the "Bunny Rabbits Cult" if he had the same policies, and values that Trump gave us. Trump was for the American people who have conservative values. If that is the "cult" you are referring to you can count me in and I'm proud to be. The day is coming when our country is really going to be behind the 8-ball.

How? By buying into the "give away" plan that is staring us in the face right now. The time is coming when so many will stop and say, "Whoa, we're losing our country and our Constitution by what has happened over a period of time ... it got out of control." And that is exactly what President Trump was endeavoring to do — stop the graft and give-away deals to those who truly don't deserve it, or earned it as you and I.

Trump did not encourage anyone to invade the Capitol. With the statement you made, that means you did not listen to his speech. You again listened to what main media wanted you to hear as they edited his speech for the leftists group — not to have to think for themselves and do the research. Besides, if the judges, big tech, media, and mainstream media had been fair, and been transparent with the evidence, no crowd would have been at the Capitol that day. It was not Trump or his supporters responsible for the riot, it was the left, media, big tech, mainstream media that is truly responsible for the crowd coming to the Capitol.

Now for the 30,000 lies Trump told in his 4 years — I want to see you list all 30,000 of them since you seem to know everything and apparently don't think for yourself. Just taking the main media's word for it? List on paper those 30,000 lies you claim he made.

You are right about the 74 million people and not 75. It was probably 80 + million if the votes were counted fairly and not changed from Trump to Biden. I saw the evidence, but your precious media, big tech, and mainstream media will not show the other side because they have favors that Biden has to abide by now — since they bought him off in the campaign. Do you want me to list all those millions to the exact dollar also?

You claim this election was the most transparent in our lifetime; now prove it. Why were there hundreds of affidavits signed by people who saw the fraud and irregularities but yet wasn't allowed to testify? Why would no one allow the evidence in court? Why did the Democrats go around the Constitution to dismantle the voting rules in each state? Why was the "water leak" lie told in Georgia only to pull out ballot boxes after the poll watchers had left? Why would they not let the Dominion voting machines be examined? I have hundreds of "why" questions that you or your leftists refuse to answer. Again, you say most voters know the truth; they do and that is why they were at the Capitol that day!

Sandra Bolick



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