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Letter: The Democrats hope we are stupid

Letter: The Democrats hope we are stupid

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Good morning, what did you choose to do this morning? Church? Sports, work, vacation? All your choices will probably change dramatically if you choose to vote Democrat. Your choice will be dictated to you.

The Democrats are using a phrase they tried on Trump. They are hiding their agenda in (plain sight). Look at their messengers. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, WHO DO YOU THINK IS PAYING THEM?. These groups want to destroy America. They prey on your weakness. The Democrats hope we are stupid. They can only wave Donald Trump at you, tell you how bad he is, how evil. Do you not see it? They have to lie every day, they invent everything under the sun to try to bend your minds to thinking they will be your saving grace.

They are so obvious. All you have to do is look at the facts. Not the facts the so-called news channels are telling you. Look at what Trump has done in three years with all those lying Democrats hanging on his back! There is another way to see the real facts. (Follow the money!) That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

Ask yourself where Joe Biden and family and friends got all their untold riches? While our factories and jobs disappeared into China and other places. Do you think their wasn’t pay for play involved? Where did the Obamas get their untold riches? Think a few billion fell off that midnight run to Iran? Where did the broke Clintons get all theirs? All you have to do is look. Look at your streets, running red all ready with their corrupt ideas. Think what they will do to you if they achieve more power? Think they will (give) you anything? Wake up America! Get out and vote.

The only way to get your country back, is to get these do-nothing-but-take Democrats out of office! Maybe then you will be able to have a choice in your daily lives. If you choose wrong, you probably will never get to make that choice again. CHOOSE WISELY! CHOOSE REPUBLICANS!

Larry Allen

Newton NC

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