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Letter: The COVID-19 vaccine should be a choice not a mandate
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Letter: The COVID-19 vaccine should be a choice not a mandate

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There are many vaccines that states have mandated citizens to receive. However, there are two things that set these vaccines apart from the COVID-19 vaccine. The first is the time from development to being administered to a patient. The polio vaccine began trials on monkeys in 1935, and Jonas Salk introduced his vaccine in 1953 after a trial on 1.6 million children. It wasn’t accepted for general use until 1955. The same development time and trials are also applicable to other vaccines including, typhoid, measles, rubella and chicken pox. By comparison, the COVID-19 vaccine broke the sound barrier getting to the public, and there is very little known about any possible long-term side effects.

The second fact that sets the COVID-19 apart from other mandated vaccines is that these other vaccines are “one and done.” You can get any one of these other vaccines and it is effective without an annual dose. The COVID-19 vaccine is much like the flu shot.

The flu vaccine was first developed in the 1930s through 1945. In 1947 the researchers realized that continuing virus mutations rendered the vaccination ineffective as a “one and done” vaccination. This is why there is an annual flu shot, and even then, the researchers must guess at what the mutation will be, meaning that the vaccine may have a low efficacy against the actual flu strain that infects people in that year. For this reason, the flu vaccine is recommended but not mandated. This is the exact scientific scenario that applies to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Because of cancer my immune system was compromised, so I have had two COVID-19 vaccines plus a booster. Had it not been for cancer, I do not know what choice I would have made. However, if I follow the science ...

As some of you contemplate making the COVID-19 vaccine a choice between a mandatory vaccine or losing your job, remember the reason the flu shot is not mandatory. So, think about this before you strip someone of their ability to pay their bills, to feed their children, or to heat their home. To me, this “comply or die” approach is un-American. And, since the government is currently paying for the COVID-19 shots; will they continue to pay for annual or semi-annual COVID-19 shots? Follow the science ...

Tom Allen



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