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Letter: President Biden has lost his way

Letter: President Biden has lost his way

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The often used term “No Man Left Behind” has been trashed. President Biden in the short time of eight months has been dismantling America by making decisions that are so absolutely insane. Americans that voted for him have got to be totally frustrated by his actions.

U.S. officials provided the Taliban with names of American and Afghan allies to evacuate. How crazy is that? The enemy now has a complete hit list to kill. Khalil Ur-Rahman Haqqanii, Taliban’s new self-proclaimed Chief of Security, who was designated a terrorist by the U.S. government subject to a $5 million reward for his capture is now in control. He is telling our President what to do about protecting Americans and Afghan people who aided the military during the war.

President Biden’s actions just magnify how he has lost his way and any logical thinking. A country does not pull out its troops before Americans and others who helped the Americans have escaped harm’s way. How absurd to leave millions of dollars of weapons and equipment for the enemy to use against its people.

What were you thinking? Trusting the Taliban? You have got to bee kidding me. They are terrorists. Yes, we will get all Americans back but how many will be in body bags? We have already lost 13 American military heroes who were murdered by the terrorists. We have not seen the end of these cowardly and vicious attacks.

Just look at the give away of billions of dollars that the President has doled out to convince Americans that socialism is the preferred way of life. Everything is free for a short time and our President will say the money is needed back to support the government. It is already happening as can be seen in the prices of food, gas, clothing and higher taxes.

Time has taken a toll on President Biden and as one ages, his mental facilities diminish. He cannot put together a full sentence without a tele-prompter. He is incoherent and totally out of touch with reality. He certainly appears to be incompetent. He must be impeached and removed from office. I will end this now with the old saying, “How Do You Like Me Now?”

Fred Crump,



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