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Letter: Lies aren't facts; truth isn't propaganda

Letter: Lies aren't facts; truth isn't propaganda

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For years I have been saying that to conservatives lies are facts and the truth is liberal propaganda and conservatives live by the mantra that when you can't argue facts, personal attacks will do. While it has upset conservatives that I say these things, they continue to prove me right. Recently in a letter to the editor I wrote that Trump has made millions from his Presidency and that he has lied over 30,000 times.

Super conservative J.V. Fitzsimmons responded to that letter and as usual called Democrats Dimikratz which I guess he thinks is clever, called me "poster boy for the Trump Derangement Syndrome" and repeated the Trump cult talking points, aka lies, like Democrats will raise taxes without pointing out it would be only for those making over $400,000 a year and implement the Green New deal which Biden has never said he would. He also mentions Antifa and BLM thugs to illicit fear even though it has never been shown that these thugs were not white supremacists or other Trump cult members. Of course he doesn't mention the white supremacist who trump told to "Stand by". He also drags out the old Republican claim that Democrats will take away your guns even though Clinton didn't, Obama didn't, and Biden never said he would. But the scare tactic probably works for Trump cult members who apparently need their guns to attack elected officials they disagree with.

JV also points out that Trump doesn't take his $400,000 salary as if that makes my statement that he has made millions off the Presidency wrong. First of all, I never said he did since it is totally irrelevant. He has forced government workers to stay at his high priced properties. He has charged the Secret Service over a million dollars for golf carts and rooms at his properties so they can protect him. When he became President he increased the dues to belong to Mar a Largo and not only has given those members face time with the President but also has rewarded some of them with government appointments. He has encouraged foreign governments to stay at his properties when they come to the US. His daughter has received patents in China when she traveled on taxpayer money with her daddy. And those are just a few of the things we know. But since he won't release his taxes as he promised to do (promise made, promise broken) we still don't know who he owes $400 million to or even how he managed to get those loans.

JV also attacks me for mentioning the 30,000 lies Trump has told even though more than one fact checking group has verified that fact as the truth, but remember that to conservatives lies are facts and the truth is liberal propaganda. 

Chester Wronski

Hickory, NC

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