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Letter: Labels demean and stigmatize people
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Letter: Labels demean and stigmatize people

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The Yellow Jewish Badges worn during the Nazi Era are a thing of the past. But we all know that is not true. There is talk, and some action, to stigmatize and ostracize people by forcing them to wear a vaccine passport. Now wait, this isn’t about the necessity of the vaccine, this is about segregating people. This is about demeaning and stigmatizing people. If you don’t think this is a terrible thing — just ask almost anybody that grew up during the years of racial segregation. I know it’s easy for someone to say, “Those stupid blankety-blank people that have those stupid blankety-blank reasons not to get the vaccine,” but at what cost to our society do you really want to take this segregation?

And of course, this isn’t the only Yellow Jewish Badge in our society today. In today’s culture it is becoming a societal norm to label someone a "racist" simply because they hold a different opinion. And a new term meant to demean and stigmatize people is Trumper. In today’s society, being called a Trumper is worse than Hillary’s ‘basket of deplorables’ because it is all encompassing; racist, a homophobe, a pervert. But those are only words, or are they?

No, they are powerful weapons! We have all read news stories about a professor that was fired and deemed unemployable simply because someone, without proof, accused the professor of being a racist or engaging in unwanted advances, or something equally vile. This professor's life and career are ruined and they never have a chance to rebuke the charges or to defend themselves. Is this what America is becoming?

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People are so terribly anxious to defend the rights of someone who was born a male but who now identifies as a female. Yes, their rights are very important but so are the rights of the teenage girls. Don’t these girls and their parents have a right not to be exposed to a male in a female locker room? This is a very complex issue, and I’m not smart enough to see a win-win solution, but I do know that you NEVER sacrifice anyone’s rights at the expense of another’s. We are all Americans, we are better than this, and we have more in common than is ever mentioned in most social media outlets.

I read posts on this forum from people whose ideas are totally opposite of mine, but I respect these differences. I encourage these differences. But all too often I see the dialogue turn from expressing one’s viewpoint to name-calling and labeling. I know we are better than this. I hope everyone is encouraged to take the high road and respect your fellow citizens. I always choose not to hate. Hate is a very strong emotion that always leads to bad things — including murder.

And always remember: There is always the right way, the wrong way, and the American way! Work to make America better and respect your neighbors.

Tom Allen



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