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Letter: Keep up your craziness and freedom will be lost

Letter: Keep up your craziness and freedom will be lost

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I see the HDR is off to a running start on liberalism. A half page column to a (assistant professor) on how we will be delivered from evil by Biden. And opinions like Gary Garmon and David Turman.

Trump created his own luck? That puts you almost in stride with your heroes, lying Biden and crooked Hillary. The media and big tech and most of all China are responsible for this mess. Along with people like you, who refuse to see the truth, like your buddy Shifty Shift says, hiding in plain sight.

Trump cult tired of losing? It’s the first time this country has been winning in a very long time. Internationally? Obama bowed and knelt and partied with the communists. Embarrassed on the international stage? For what? Standing up to corrupt governments, making them pay part of their due, getting trade back on fair trade agreements, slowing down illegal aliens, getting jobs back, which of these embarrassed you?

Are you going to be embarrassed when you get the vaccine? Maybe you will be to proud to take it? I hope so! If you do take it? When they stick it in your arm you can thank President Trump!

I am embarrassed by you! The country is embarrassed by you. You probably kneel at the anthem, burn the flag, and hate God! Here’s what you need to remember. That flag was made and won and carried by the brave men who made this country. Many, men and women gave their lives for it. It flies for freedom.

It wasn’t won by feckless do-nothing leaders. Leaders who cannot stand and talk to their people. It was made, won and carried by men who kept it flying by blood and guts! Keep up your craziness, and stop this flag from flying. When you do freedom will be lost! And you will only have half of the words to say (GIVE ME DEATH!)

Larry Allen

Newton NC

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