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Letter: Keep Confederate monument in place and in Newton

Letter: Keep Confederate monument in place and in Newton

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I would like to dedicate this piece to the few malcontents who are begging for the removal of certain statues and/or monuments from public grounds and renaming our military bases.

History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from. And if it offends you, even better, because you are less likely to repeat it. History is not yours to change or destroy. Now read that again. Do you understand it? If not, read it again, memorize it if necessary.

People who think the statues/monuments named for and honoring people who lived 150 plus years ago and died over 100 years ago are the cause of today’s problems. Think again; you are the problem, not the dearly departed. I recommend you stay out of sight of the things that offend you or better yet, move away.

To our Catawba County Commissioners, you were elected to represent ALL people, including the malcontents, I know that. I also know you are not going to please everyone no matter what you decide about the Confederate monument in Newton – you most certainly know the one I mean.

See you are going to tick off some folks no matter what you do, isn’t it better to have the minority mad at you than the majority? You know if it were to be put to a vote, the statue would stay. To a more direct comment, I am tired of seeing our elected officials wimp out and cave to the minorities (not racial minorities, but minorities as in numbers). Do the right thing, vote to keep the Confederate monument in place.

Larry Eckard



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