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Letter: Is this criminal justice?

Letter: Is this criminal justice?

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I believe that the death of George Floyd (and others) was a horrible event. Just watching the video clip it appears that the police officer acted inappropriately, but I can't form an honest opinion just on that short tape. But, is it justice when crowds of people across the country riot and vandalize until the police are arrested?

Is it criminal justice when they have a hard time selecting a jury because the prospective jurors tell the judge they are afraid that their children will be terrorized in school, or a mob may descend on their home?

And now, with the trial set to start, crowds are forming to riot and loot and vandalize if the jury finds the police officer innocent. Is this criminal justice? Are we living in a third-world country?

Where is the justice for the business owners whose stores are smashed, burned and looted? Where are the mayors and the governors who swore an oath to "protect and defend" the citizens of their cities?

This isn't criminal justice, it's mob rule.

Tom Allen


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