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Letter: I suggest we pay attention to the experts, science

Letter: I suggest we pay attention to the experts, science

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After reading the response to the COVID-19 deaths reaching over 100,000 in the 5-29 edition of Hickory’s paper, some thoughts come to mind.

Why do people trust doctors to save their child's life if that child has cancer or some other grave disease? Wouldn’t you want the best doctors for your child that you love so much?

If you break an arm or a leg, don’t you go to a doctor to have it set and have a cast put on?

When there's a hurricane or tornado coming, even flooding, don’t we rely on scientists to try and tell us beforehand so we can be prepared?

Scientists do many valuable services, in the medical field, meteorology field, in fact, all fields.

But based on what I read in the paper on that day, some people like to pick and choose which science they believe in. They will believe in the same science that will cure their child, but not believe in it when it comes to counting deaths. Yes, many older people have died from COVID-19, but are the people who replied experts and doctors who knew the person’s condition before they died? How do they know what kind of underlying medical problems these older people had? And there are also many, many not so old people that have died. Also, young children.

I suggest people pay attention to the experts and science, at least that is what I will do.

Jan McCoy

Hickory NC


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