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Letter: I hope Trump wins for my grandchildren, this country

Letter: I hope Trump wins for my grandchildren, this country

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Well I guess we are about to find out how the country will go? There will be a lot of disappointment. I do hope and pray it goes for Donald Trump.

And I do have a lot of reasons for my hopes. I do not have many these days, and the ones I do have are not for me. I have had mine.

And I must admit voicing my opinion has not served me well a few times. I was told one time, that the reason this person and I did not get along was we were born in the same month with the day close to each other. I replied, No! The main reason we do not get along is I cannot stand a lie, and you sure as hell cannot stand the TRUTH!

Needless to say, that did not do me any good, except telling him to his face! This statement however is very appropriate now. It is absolutely evident every day on every channel except maybe Fox. The Democrats have lied so much in these past four years that it has embarrassed us to the world. If they win, it will be on a pack of lies over four years deep.

They have lied about Trump, the virus, race, and healthcare. They have lied about their lying selves. The world will know you picked a lying, thieving, nothing for your president.

My hopes for Trump to win is to save my great-grandchildren, my grandsons, my granddaughter, my son, daughter and this country. And yes, I will be disappointed for as long as I live at people who were dumb enough to believe them.

They absolutely cannot stand the TRUTH!

Larry Allen

Newton NC

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