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Letter: Hiding our heads in the sand not viable during pandemic

Letter: Hiding our heads in the sand not viable during pandemic

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In response to Bob Fredrickson’s letter in Sunday’s Daily Record: I’m not sure if Mr. Fredrickson has an aversion to facts, or is living in a state of denial.

Although both are infectious respiratory illnesses, COVID-19 is much more easily transmitted than the flu, and the infection rate is nearly double that of the flu.

In addition, the current pandemic has killed over 115,000 in only four months, far outnumbering yearly flu deaths. Not to mention the severity of illness being much worse with the coronavirus. And unlike the flu, there is no vaccine or widespread immunity to COVID-19.

It’s a shame Mr. Fredrickson has so little regard for his own health, let alone the safety of his fellow citizens.

Ignorance of the provable evidence is no excuse for the blatant disregard of safety measures and social distancing. Hiding our heads in the sand is not a viable option during this crisis.

I applaud the Daily Record’s reporting of the facts and their attempt to keep us all safe and informed about the pandemic.

It’s only through our own vigilance and precaution that we will get through this public health emergency.

Ben Honeycutt

Hildebran NC

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