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Letter: Democrats, not Trump, created chasm in our nation

Letter: Democrats, not Trump, created chasm in our nation

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Well it took 4 years to see the results of those seeds of hatred and distrust you (Democrats) sowed among the American people. You blame President Trump for dividing the country — did it ever occur to you that your party caused the largest chasm ever known between its people, for the sole purpose of removing the president from office.

No good that he did was ever acknowledged by you because that would have shown neglect on the Democrats' duty to build up America. Now all of a sudden all Biden/Harris can talk about is unity of our people; it may not be as easy as you think. It's a shame you didn't seek it over the last four years. It may take a lot of bridge-building. Let's hope the chasm is not too deep and wide. I pray this country can survive the destruction you caused. This election has been like no other in our history. I hope it is NEVER repeated.

You did this people and country a great disservice.

You should have weighed the consequences against the result. BUT you didn't!

Peggy B. Byers

Hickory NC

This letter to the editor can be found on page A4 in today's print edition.

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