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Letter: Democrats, media are to blame for everything that went wrong in election

Letter: Democrats, media are to blame for everything that went wrong in election

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Since the day Trump was elected, Democrats decried the “illegitimate” nature of his election. The ensuing “resistance” spent his entire term undermining him; first by falsely accusing him of colluding with Russia then by impeaching him in a Congressional kangaroo court because he wanted to investigate Joe Biden’s sketchy ties via his son to Ukrainian corruption. The media enthusiastically backed these efforts even shutting down in 2019 any investigation of the Bidens’ hijinks by falsely calling the allegations “unsubstantiated” and “debunked.” The latest self-inflicted revelations about Biden dealings in Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, and Russia followed by refusals to cover them by most news outlets only reinforces the general media malfeasance.

According to Gallup, just 40% of Americans consider the media reliable in 2020. When the media “calls” the 2020 election but refuses to acknowledge the many anomalies in this weird, COVID-tainted election, why should anyone accept their conclusion? If I went to an oncologist because I was experiencing possible cancer symptoms, she wouldn’t ask me for evidence of cancer, she would look for that evidence herself. Fortunately, in most cases the oncologist won’t find cancer but to ignore symptoms that don’t rise to the level of evidence would be malpractice. There are many symptoms of possible election fraud all around the country, especially in states and urban areas with a history of Democrat election manipulation. Although I doubt there will be sufficient evidence of election fraud to overturn the outcome in one state let alone in multiple states, ignoring the apparent symptoms of election fraud is also malpractice.

Democrats complain that Trump’s refusal to concede undermines public confidence in our electoral system. The truth is that their refusal to even consider the possibility of election fraud given the unusual nature of the election undermines that confidence far more. Either way – fraud or false alarm – a hard look at any apparent fraud symptoms is much more likely to find the truth than via the media declaring such efforts to be false out of hand. My advice to Democrats and their media allies is to calm down. If there’s nothing to find, the process shouldn’t take long.

Dave Paist

Hickory, NC

This letter to the editor can be found on page A4 in today's print edition.

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