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Letter: Country without a past cannot have a future

Letter: Country without a past cannot have a future

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There is a lot going on, and if you want to know what? Just ask Mr. Wronski. This guy knows everything, especially about Donald Trump. He has a vast array of contacts with the absolutely highest integrity and their known no tolerance for lying. We know most of them, don’t we? CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, most of the press, and, of course, those most reliable and honest Democrats.

They can even see lies (hiding in plain sight). Nothing shifty about those people. Let’s put him to the test. Mr. Wronski what has Joe Biden done for the American people since taking office? I bet you can name them on your fingers and toes? Well maybe just your fingers? How about with one hand behind your back? Three fingers bent? Two? One? Ole Joe’s batting a thousand for HIS family and friends, right? All they have to do is hold their pockets open and the money will pour in.

We are all witnessing what Joe Biden’s about. And it sure isn’t most of us! Soon we will all be wishing for the good ole days, when we had a little money and freedom to buy what we want. And the right to say what we think. At least we can hope for those days.

The cancel culture is canceling our past, so if we are not careful, we won’t be able to remember the GOOD OLE DAYS. A Country without a past cannot have a future. The one thing some are forgetting is the past is there forever can’t change it! History is just that, history!

There is no such thing as hope for the past, and right now it is looking slim for our future. Besides, if you erase the past you would wipe out a big portion of Mr. Wronski’s brain. And for the love of this country, we don’t ever want to forget (DONALD JOHN TRUMP!) And (MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!)

Larry Allen


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