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Letter: Buckle up if Biden steals this election

Letter: Buckle up if Biden steals this election

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I read in great amusement the opinion letters that are submitted by the so-called smart and critical thinkers. From the cult thinkers to the MSM Bourbon drinkers that chug down every word the propagandist MSM and their communist, far-left, radical, politicians and their completely clueless base believe and espouse that are inundated with misinformation.

From the beginning of President Trump's announcement to run for president the left and their media has used every lie and over used playbook tactic they could to attack our great president. A man who has gave up his envied life to work for FREE to stand with the common man and fight for us. A fight and a fighter that Republicans have waited decades on which gave this man the loyal base that Joe Biden struggled with to find. This fight has infuriated the left because Republicans are supposed to go along to get along and apologize for standing up to the lefts many misdeeds. This man stood up to every trick, every lie, and every backstabbing Republican that has come his way and still succeeded in giving America one of the best economies it has ever seen.

He did this by reversing many of the lackluster Obama policies that attacked the American taxpayer, manufacturing worker, coal and oil workers and made this country for the first time energy independent. He pulled us out of useless trade agreements that attacked the American worker. Trump crushed ISIS that weak, enabler Obama claimed was a JV team. He brought a Middle East Peace Agreement that the MSM refuses to acknowledge and moved the embassy to Jerusalem — an embassy promise made by every president for decades.

Trump pulled us out of the Obama Hoax Climate Change agreement that did nothing to address climate change but saddled the American taxpayer with wealth redistribution with a hefty bill meant to help destroy our middle class. He pulled us out of Obama's Iran deal that with Trumps intervention forestalled Iran nuclear capabilities that Obama threw billions of tax dollars at on his way out the door — billions that could have helped black communities across our country but all the misinformed dolts do is regurgitate that president Trump is the dictator and uncaring one!

Now we have a COVID bill that does nothing to address what Democrats have done to businesses and Americans. Nancy spends more on her designer ice cream then what she gave the American people! She did however make sure she gave billions to countries that would give kickbacks to the Democrat party.

President Trump rebuilt our weak military and replaced equipment that Obama and Joe diminished on their "America's best days" are behind her message.

How long will it take this basement-bound buffoon suffering from dementia that couldn't pay a dozen people to show up at his rallies and thought his sister was his wife to reverse all of this by his China-loving policies?

Every day as a Republican we are attacked for our steadfast beliefs that unlike Democrats never change. We are attacked with viciousness and hate that Democrats claim come from us. We praise our Lord and Savior every day for his guidance and sacrifices. We demand that abortion on demand that has destroyed the black population in our country through a racist organization called Planned Parenthood founded by Margaret Sanger who was a racist and eugenics that supported the Democrat party be stopped!

We believe in lower taxes that provide the common man a better living and give our job providers the necessary means to invest in R&D and to expand their businesses to be able to provide more jobs. This is what our non-politician, outsider president did. He proved once and for all that lowering taxes works. He built an economy that was on fire till a well-timed virus showed up in time for the push for mail-in ballots that stopped the count dead in its tracks in multiple states because the algorithms on the fraudulent machines couldn't keep up with the massive amount of Trump votes! Trump garnered 10 million more votes than in 2016 and had the highest percentage of minority votes for a Republican candidate. Yet the propagandists want us to believe that Dementia, no-show Joe garnered more votes than Obama and won this election.

Trump did not let lobbyists run his White House which for one time in decades was about the people and not big government quid pro quos! Another thing the MSM dismisses is the massive amount of achievements DJT accomplished and the promises he kept.

All I can say is buckle up America. If China Joe and his far-left radical running mate with their "ends justifies the means" beliefs goes into office we are done as a free country. If stealing an election right in front of our eyes on election night and the days that followed didn't slow Democrats down what else are they going steal from the American people besides the obvious critical thinking skills?

Eugene Reid

Hickory NC

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