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Letter: Biden won. It's time to be adults and move on

Letter: Biden won. It's time to be adults and move on

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Ms. Bolick, your letter which read, "75 million never had their voices heard" is just another example of a person who refuses to accept reality. You spouted more of the same dangerous rhetoric that has been spewed since this lawful election took place.

You mentioned something about judges being threatened or bought off. Do you remember when Trump excitedly hailed the appointment of a historically large number of judges as a victory for the conservative cause? Quite a few of these Trump appointed judges ruled against or declined to entertain these baseless claims of fraud. But, according to you, they must have been threatened or paid off somehow.

The Supreme Court, which has three justices appointed by Trump, rejected challenges to Biden's victory. That treacherous Amy Coney Barrett!

Many of the examples you gave of voter fraud are actually quite common place in elections. Trump supporters seem to forget that there are always cases of fraud in some form during an election. These cases of fraud have never in the history of the United States led to an election being overturned. I guess it's important this time, because your guy lost. It didn't matter in 2016.

You also claimed that some kind of evidence would be produced if a 10-day audit were to be conducted. Were you aware that most states have laws requiring audits after elections? Michigan was one of the states that did conduct a post-election audit. It's not a surprise that when some of these audits came back showing little to no fraud, the Trump administration and Republicans dismissed them. It wouldn't have been any different on January 6.

The election is over and Joseph Biden won. This continued discussion of an unconstitutional and rigged election will only embolden people to repeat the seditious act that occurred at the Capitol on January 6. It's time to be adults and move on. Like Trump said when asked about the COVID-19 death toll in the USA, "It is what it is."

Justin Lane


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