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Letter: Be proud of democracy, don't let Trump destroy it

Letter: Be proud of democracy, don't let Trump destroy it

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It's hard to believe Trump is still fighting the wrong fight along with his shrinking group of sycophants. The election is over and all 50 states have certified it, even after recounts in many of them.

He keeps yelling rigged though there has been absolutely NO proof of that. If it were rigged, why have so many down-ballot Republicans won their election? It’s all on the same piece of paper, all electronically scanned. The courts have overruled him, even Republican judges have tossed his cases out. The Texas initiative to have four other states toss out their election results were thrown out by the Supreme Court.

I was happy to see our Republican congressmen Patrick McHenry did not support the initiative. I don’t agree with his politics but his act shows he is a man of principle.

There are many people of both parties that are principled. We may disagree on policy but we don’t disagree on wanting America to always be better. Patriotism is not defined by a political party.

Trump continues to malign, or fire, those in his party that won’t do his bidding. The latest being Mitch McConnell, VP Pence, Mark Meadows with a long list before them. Trump is not a Republican. He is out for only himself. Anyone else can be thrown under the bus. He is a wannabe autocrat — a person with UNDISPUTED power, a totalitarian — believing in centralized control by an authoritarian or dictatorial regime, and a fascist — one that exalts nation and often race above the individual and stands for an autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader. Thank you, Webster’s Dictionary.

The real birth of American democracy was 224 years ago when Washington gave his farewell address, marking the first peaceful transfer of power in American history and cementing the country’s status as a stable democratic state. The United States has the world’s longest continuous running democracy. All of us patriots should be proud of that and we can’t let Donald Trump destroy it.

Don Baldwin

Hickory NC

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