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Letter: Assumptions, hearsay were basis of Trump's sham of an impeachment

Letter: Assumptions, hearsay were basis of Trump's sham of an impeachment

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I read with great interest a recent letter in HDR from another anti-Trumper, Ruth Long. As they all are, the letter was filled with statistics unfavorable to the President. May I remind Ms. Long, that the results all studies, statistics, and polls show exactly what the author wants them to say, and if you believe otherwise, I have a couple of bridges for sale. Ruth, there is no credibility in any of that data. You are simply wrong.

You made fun of a President Trump supporter from Atlanta. He was/is right you know; no, I guess you don’t or you would not have included that in your letter.

Then comes your assumptions. I don’t have a buzzer to indicate you are wrong, but you are. You say if we assume this, then we can assume that. Your memory is short, I guess. Assumptions and hearsay were the basis for President Trump’s sham of an impeachment and we all know how that turned out. Apparently no lesson learned here.

As far as leadership, give us the name of a Democrat who could have done a better job; Cuomo (NY Gov), de Blasio (NYC Mayor), Lightfoot (Chicago Mayor), Durkan (Seattle Mayor); surely you jest. President Trump is a leader, not a wimp like Obama.

Now I want to make it clear that I am a Trump supporter that has not turned a deaf ear to his so-called lies, incompetence, and scapegoating because I haven’t heard or observed any. Perhaps you can help me. Give me some specific examples of each. I don’t want your opinion, that means nothing. Me and the other Trump supporters would be most interested in hearing your version of the facts – and don’t quote CNN or MSNBC as a source. That is a dead giveaway that it is wrong.

Larry Eckard

Hickory NC

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