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Letter: 75 million never had their voices heard

Letter: 75 million never had their voices heard

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My dear Mr. Turman,

Your letter which read "There was no evidence of a stolen election" is just another convincing narrative that the media, big tech, Democrats, courts, and judges want you to believe. Why do you think the Trump supporters were at the Capitol that day? It was because 75 million Americans never had their voices heard to look into this matter.

There was so much evidence that the left didn't want you to see either by threatened judges or bought-off judges. This is a massive example of ignoring our Constitution. There were many people who voted twice. That in itself is a felony. Did you see anyone arrested? What about the video in Georgia where they sent poll watchers home after they announced a water leak which was only a toilet leaking but a handful remained to pull out boxes of ballots beneath the desk and counted the same ballots over and over? What about the fact there were more votes cast then ballots sent out in many counties? What about going behind the state legislatures back to change the voting rules at the last minute? That was a violation of the Constitution.

What about the fact those states all stopped counting in the middle of the night and resumed counting after many ballots were brought in? How about all the people who testified and signed affidavits' of all the fraud they saw happening? Where are their rights? Why were they suppressed? What about the truck driver who brought in a load of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania in the middle of the night November 3rd? Is that legal? What about the truck driver who also was carrying ballots and his trailer disappeared? What about the Republican poll watchers who were not allowed in to watch and if they were they had to stand 6 feet away? There are so many more instances and yet you believe what they want you to believe. Do you not have common sense to know when to smell a rat or did you just take the left's word for it on mainstream media?

The Democrats have pushed the idea that we as conservatives wanted to overturn the election. You are so wrong. We only wanted a fair election and transparency and to look into all these irregularities. Election rules say elections are transparent to both sides. They were not. Another constitutional law broken. If you Democrats and all media, tech, etc. believe it was a fair election, then why wouldn't you welcome transparency to prove it was fair to all Americans? Common sense again tells you the left does not want all Americans to know the truth!

We were only asking for a 10-day audit on January 6 to look at the irregularities in this election since no one would allow the evidence to be seen? They used the excuse "lack of evidence" because they wouldn't allow the evidence to be shown. As Biden would say "C'mon man" let's look at the science ... and the evidence.

Sandra Bolick

Conover NC

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