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    While modern conservatism in America brings together a number of discrete groups, interests, and priorities, one of its unifying themes is maximizing freedom — by which conservatives mean maximizing the right of individuals, families, and private associations to make their own decisions rath…

      November is a special time for our family. I feel fortunate and blessed to be a husband and a father. I am thankful to have a wife whose birthday occurs this month. She’s a beautiful lady, and I am grateful she puts up with the likes of me. I tease her about history and ask her what historic…

      Elon Musk’s Neuralink received approval last month from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct human clinical trials, which one former FDA official called “really a big deal.” I do not disagree, but I am skeptical that this technology will “change everything.” Not every profound technological advance has broad social and economic implications.


      When I first heard that the Hickory Daily Record, my hometown newspaper, was moving to three-a-week print issues, I was saddened that the paper was moving in the direction of many local news sources — downsizing due to changing news and revenue markets. 

      It has come to my attention that the FCC has recently granted approval for deregulation ( that permits telecommunication corporations to terminate their copper wire landline phone service and replac…

      The passion of the newly elected Catawba County Board of Education member, Ms. Michelle Teague, for vetting books in the public school system is noteworthy, and the HDR gave it front-page exposure on Sunday, May 7. However, I feel great threats exist for our students. Here are a few:

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