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Column: People are not born racist, it is taught to them
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Column: People are not born racist, it is taught to them

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When I graduated from high school in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, in 1966, we had three Black girls in our graduating class. They were a part of our class. We did not care that they were Black; it meant nothing to us. I would see on the news that there was civil unrest in much of the South. I keep in touch every now and then with one of those girls. She is also a writer.

My wife and I moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina, in 2004. In 2013, we moved to Raleigh, where we presently live. I can see the hatred by some toward Black people. I hear comments like, “Go back to the country where you came from.” Think about that. This is where they came from. People are not born to be racist; it is taught to them by their parents, other kids in school, etc.

I think white supremacy is a cancer on our country. This is the United States of America. We have one flag, the Stars and Stripes. You can fly that Confederate flag from the back of your pickup truck, but it means nothing. That is not the flag of America.

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I recently visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where one of the fiercest battles of the Civil War was fought. In three days at Gettysburg, 11,000 were killed and 40,000 wounded. That war was hard-fought on both sides, but it is over. It is time for everyone to realize it. These same people who fly the Confederate flag will cheer a Black player on the football field. But after the game, the hatred returns.

I think that the KKK and the Nazi Party are terrorist organizations and should be eliminated from the landscape of the United States. It is sad that anyone in our country hates another just because of the color of their skin.

I don’t care if people are from another country. This is America — it was founded on immigrants. Why is so much hate shown toward a person because of the color of his or her skin? White supremacists are not superior. They are inferior in their way of thinking; they are uneducated in the way they should treat another human being. Don’t call people of another color names around your children. Teach your children that white supremacy is wrong.

I bet a lot of these people hate as a group, but if they sat down one-on-one with a Black person, they could become good friends.

Larry Fish shares the insights of a man who has gained the wisdom of a long life. He has been married 50 years to a woman from the Philippines. He has two grown children, five grandkids, and one great-granddaughter. He lives in Raleigh, close to the airport.


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