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Meditation: Think like an owner

Meditation: Think like an owner

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I heard a prominent speaker years ago talk about the difference between ownership and workmanship.

She mentioned a clock shop where she wanted to purchase a clock right at closing time. When she went to the door, knowing which clock she wanted, the employee said they were closed. The lady asked, “Do you own the business?” The employee responded, “No, I just work here.” She thought, as I would have, that the owner would have kept the doors open for the late-day sale.

Owners have a greater investment as a rule. The same can be stated for all walks of life. No matter the career, industry, or profession, there are always at least two types of people that make up the “labor” force.

We see these people in the Book of Numbers chapter 13. God transfers ownership to Moses. (Owners operate on given authority, not caring who gets the credit, as long as the job gets done and is a success). Moses sends out 12 spies to look over the land that God has given to them. Ten spies come back and say that the land has too many giants in it, and that it can’t be had. Two spies come back and say that the land is good and God is great for giving them the land.

The two spies who came back with a good report centered on what God said. God had already given them the land of Canaan. They just had to take it. Ownership! They were given authority, this time by God, to accomplish the necessary task or goal.

The 10 spies, on the other hand, were acting as protectors. Protectors take their authority as power. It skews their decision-making process. Theirs was not the goal of the whole. Theirs was the goal of safety and of self-preservation. The giants were big, the land was broad, the task too large. The 10 spies were concerned about themselves, not what God said they could do for the whole.

You probably know or have heard the end of the story. Moses sides with the 10 spies who doubted God and the whole of Israel suffers another 39 years because of it.

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing for the good of the whole. When the people of any organization, family, church, or community take ownership, their world becomes a better place. Jesus said that as many that receive Him, they shall be called sons and daughters of God. You are sons and daughters of the owner - God. You are gifted, talented, anointed, and appointed to do the will of the father. God will not let you down.

Dare to be different - Become an owner today!

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