The Hickory Museum of Art will open an exhibit on Saturday titled “The Art of Adventure” featuring photos by art enthusiast, world traveler and former Hickory Mayor Jeff Cline. The exhibit also includes artwork he’s collected from his travels.

The exhibit organizes the photos and art by continent and gives visitors of the museum a chance to guess in which country the images were snapped or art collected, according to Kristina Anthony, exhibitions manager at the Hickory Museum of Art.

ROBERT C. REED/HICKORY DAILY RECORD: Jeff Cline discusses how he photographed the Swiftcurrent Lake in Montana. The 25-square-foot photo of the lake was shot with an iPhone in panoramic mode. ROBERT C. REED

“You can go anywhere in the world and be treated well,” Cline said. “You can go anywhere in the world and be safe. That’s the message. People are good.”

The exhibit will open on Aug. 24 with “An Evening with Jeff Cline” from 6-8 p.m., when Cline will share stories of his travels.

Cline described the time he visited North Korea. “It was the most surreal experience you can imagine,” he said. “They get about 100 American visitors a year, so we were objects of curiosity.”

Photos of Cline’s visit to North Korea are featured in the exhibit.

Cline said he never expected he could have his work and memories featured in a museum. “This is a dream come true,” Cline said.

The exhibit will remain open until Jan. 4, 2020.