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Kanupp Kennels opens in Bethlehem, ribbon cutting set

Kanupp Kennels opens in Bethlehem, ribbon cutting set

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BETHLEHEM — Kanupp Kennels LLC will open its doors on Thursday, July 30. At noon, a red ribbon will be cut to officially open the one-stop shop for canine needs. The kennel is located at 8574 N.C. 127 in Bethlehem (between Telephone Exchange Road and Heritage Farm Road).

Owner and operator Marty Kanupp said that he and the staff of Kanupp Kennels are thrilled to be a part of the Bethlehem community.

Kanupp said his passion for canines started out at a young age. “We used to frequent the harvested fields of fall, local brambles, community dove hunts, old forgotten grown up farms, and mountain cutovers in search of rabbit, quail, grouse, and dove with family friends and of course their hunting dogs,” Kanupp recalled. “It did not take long for those few trips to spark a passion and desire into my heart that would become Kanupp Kennels.”

Kanupp Kennels LLC really came to life in the passing of a favorite hunting dog named Gracie.

“When she passed, I made a choice…. either go big or go home, so I decided to go big,” he said. “Anyone can say they know dogs, but very few can back it up. We as a society have become dog lovers, and in that we have changed the role of a canine in the average American family dynamic.”

Kanupp continued, “Not too long ago it was not a commonality to have a dog in your house or even really trained unless it was a special canine for police, service, hunting, or something of the like. In today’s world we literally have people buying houses and vehicles based on canine compatibility. When I identified this, along with the unwavering love and loyalty that dogs can bring to our lives, the decision was easy…I’m going to start a kennel.”

Kanupp did just that in a little less than three years. Identifying a niche that he could fill in the market, he trended the area and the market specifically to see what it had and then what it lacked. In doing so, Kanupp came up with several ventures and strategies, one being a revolutionary concept that will change dog care as we know it. What is this revolutionary concept?

Kanupp explains, “We specialize in socialization, mental stimulation, physical exercise, a plethora of trainings, and the best part is we are full service — meaning we will come to you and pick up your canine and safely transport it back to Kanupp Kennels for day care/training/boarding, and then when the allotted time is over we will again safely transport it back to you for no additional charge.”

Kanupp said this service will alleviate the panic about dog care when traveling.

“Kanupp Kennels takes that burden away from you and gives you one less thing to stress about,” he said. “We are the first in the state of North Carolina to do this, which is a definite way to be a trendsetter.”

Kanupp personally owns 11 canines: eight German shorthair pointers, two English setters, and one English pointer. They serve many purposes from detection of bedbugs, many different facets of hunting, assistance in training, and behavioral modification.

Kanupp has trained all shapes and sizes of dogs. To date, there are over 400 canines that have been trained by Kanupp and his staff. Kanupp Kennels also provides canines for service work and trains them accordingly.

He said the kennel utilizes positive reinforcement training and reward-based outcomes where the canine is set up for success rather than failure and negative situational occurrences.

“Whether it’s behavioral issues that need attention, basic obedience, service dog companions, daycare, boarding, or even hunting training, Kanupp Kennels is your one-stop shop,” he stated.

The new facility is 15,000 square feet with a full indoor play area as well as a huge outdoor fenced area for dogs to “get all their wiggles out” while being boarded at the kennel.

The public is invited to join the Alexander County Economic Development Corporation in welcoming Kanupp Kennels to Bethlehem on Thursday, July 30, at noon.

For more information and prices, contact Kanupp Kennels at 828-320-9148 or visit

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