Walking the Earth 5 Umami Without the Meat 7 Crafts, Decor and Food for the Holidays 13 Cross-Country Cookies ® 18 ® FALL 2021 Fresh ideas to make the most of the season 3 Relax! It’s No-Knead Learn this technique for making delicious no-knead yeast breads using your refrigerator. FRESH IDEAS TO MAKE THE MOST OF THE SEASON 4 The Farmhouse Life Tour this Vermont country home and see how modern finishes can marry farmhouse style. 5 Walking the Earth Start small. Go outside and take a walk, then learn the secrets to a lifelong walking habit. 6 Modern Attitude 6 Bring On Dessert The sweet scent of warm, apple-studded treats is a rite of passage in the fall. Make it happen with dumplings, shortcake, fritters, and more. Dream big. This new classic kitchen will have you planning your next remodel. 7 Umami Without the Meat Try these savory vegetable dishes and learn about umami, the fifth taste. 8 Living History COMING 10.24.21 Decorate with meaningful pieces of your personal story and create a one-of-a-kind look. 10 Best of Both Worlds See how traditional and contemporary styles can live in harmony in this Texas home. 11 Paranormal Mixology Set the scene for a beautiful Halloweeninspired party. This one is for the adults. 12 Sweet & Savory Breads Celebrate America’s favorite fall flavor with these pumpkin recipes. 13 Where Fun Meets Fabulous Fill your home with personal style—and CRAVING CRAV ING MORE? Find delicious dessert recipe s on pages 2, 18.