Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

A Special Message for Our Health Care Heroes
As community members and trustees of Wake Forest Baptist Health, we are deeply
moved by the dedication and courage of our Wake Forest Baptist staff, providers and
administrative teams. During the COVID-19 crisis, these extraordinary men and women
have worked under intense pressure showing outstanding commitment and perseverance
to keep us safe and care for us.
Over the past two months, we have witnessed a level of determination, expertise,
compassion and self-sacrifice that has humbled and inspired us. When our community
has needed them most, they have worked diligently both at the frontlines and behind
the scenes to protect our patients and their loved ones, while ensuring those in crisis
received the best possible care.
They have rallied as a community for the community. They have cared for the sick and
provided ongoing infectious disease expertise. They have found innovative ways to
deliver compassionate care during the most challenging of times. They have initiated
more than 30 research studies to find treatment strategies and cures for COVID-19. They
have continued to train and prepare the next generation of health care leaders to combat
the challenges of the future. And all the while, they have supported and protected one
another like the family we are.
Exceptional work like this is what sets Wake Forest Baptist Health apart. The skill and
confidence of this world class team provides us all reassurance as we face the health
care challenges of today and in the future.
So, let us say to you, our Wake Forest Baptist physicians, researchers, nurses,
respiratory therapists, housekeepers, cooks, security officers, corporate services
teams and every single team member — Thank You! We are extremely proud of each
of you. You are vital to this community and we are forever grateful for your awe-inspiring
commitment to the patients and families we serve. We have the utmost confidence in you
going forward.
Thank you!

William C. Warden, Jr.

Donald E. Flow
Vice Chair

Julie A. Freischlag, MD
CEO and Dean

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Board of Directors
Martha A. Alexander-Miller, PhD

Nathan O. Hatch, PhD

Adelaide A. Sink

Donna A. Boswell, PhD

A. Lee Herring

John M. Vann

Edward E. Cornwell, MD

James J. Marino

Sheree B. Watson

Catherine D. DeAngelis, MD

George D. Renfro

Edwin L. Welch Jr.

Arthur A. Gibel

Gary E. Rosenthal, MD



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